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Do you hate going to work and leaving your little pal all alone? 


I am here to help! I can come by and walk/feed/play/clean your furry friend for an hour up to an entire day.


Entirely one-on-one! (If you prefer he/she can come spend the day at my place).


From 90SEK per hour or 300SEK for 5 hours(f a paragraph. Click here to add 

Daily Fun

Weekdays & Weekends!

I know how hard it is to go away on holidays and leave your dog in a shelter with dozens of other dogs they don't know.


Well I have a solution! Leave him with me in a safe, fun environment where he will be fed, walked, loved (and whatever else it is you guys do).


500 SEK per night or 2,000 SEK per week




Leave your dog with me & go
are in safe and fun hands!
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